God's word is the ultimate source for true wisdom, and the Lord's proverbs, lessons, and messages can inspire all of his faithful believers to lead happy, joyful, and successful lives. This engaging audiobook, Distinguished Wisdom Presents: Living Proverbs, Volume 1, narrated by the author, Pastor Terrance Levise Turner, invites seekers of wisdom and truth to be guided by the reliability of God's word and its godly principles.

This audiobook contains over 500 contemporary proverbs. Supported by scripture and derived from living out the truths of God's word, it promises seekers of wisdom guidance in their daily decision making and offers them a solid foundation upon which to build a successful, godly life. Each "Living Proverb" is presented in a clear, concise manner, helping the listener to receive it into their thinking. Pastor Terrance Levise Turner speaks with clarity and simplicity, making it easy to listen to each "nugget" of wisdom. The gospel of Jesus Christ and the wisdom of God's word are timeless, and provide clear guidance for all who will open their hearts to it. Distinguished Wisdom Presents: Living Proverbs, Volume 1 will help the wisdom of God come "alive" for your heart. Please enjoy this audiobook as a continual guide and comfort.