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 In Distinguished Wisdom Presents… “Living Proverbs”—Volume 1, author and pastor Terrance Levise Turner invites his fellow believers to join him in seeking the truth and reliability of God’s Word and its godly principles. With over five hundred contemporary proverbs supported by Scripture and derived from living out the truths of God’s Word, it promises to guide the faithful in their daily decision making and offers them a solid foundation upon which to build a successful, godly life. The wisdom of God’s Word are timeless, and a provision of inspiring, living proverbs can encourage all believers to walk with the Lord on his path for their lives. Click below to get your copy right now!

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As society has become more and more volatile and as moral absolutes have been abandoned by various segments of society, it is good to know that God's Word remains the same, and there are still those who believe and proclaim it boldly.

In Distinguished Wisdom Presents . . . "Living Proverbs"-Vol. 2, author, pastor, and speaker Terrance Levise Turner proclaims the wisdom of God's Word in over five hundred wisdom nuggets of truth. They are appropriately supported by scriptures, which further emphasize the meaning. The contemporary proverbs are expressed in a fresh, memorable manner that makes them enlightening and entertaining. The reader will gain a level of depth of meaning they may not have thought of before, and yet the "nuggets" are simply expressed so as to help anyone get it.

All who seek practical wisdom will benefit from this book. Whether you are a young person just starting off or a more experienced adult, you will be able to appreciate the words for living a successful life found in this book. Click below to get yours now!